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Mon-Fri: 7 am - 6 pm


Music Class

Ages 3-5 years olds
  • Text Book (James Bastiens 3 text books) & various materials and instruments
  • Lesson Days: 1 time a week 30 minute sessions 4 times a month

Student will learn these following areas:

  • Music Alphabet
  • Finger Numbers
  • White Key Names
  • Rhythm and Notes
  • Songs played on Black Keys
  • Songs played in the Middle C Position
  • Music Movements
  • Fun Songs for 3-5 yr children
  • Music History
  • Music Expression

Piano, Violin, Cello Private Lesson

  • Lesson Days: 2 times a week 30 minute sessions 8 times a month

Music Camp

  • Wonder of Music
    Boom, tap, smack, tap, cha-cha listen to the sounds of rhythm of music. Children will feel, hear and see the vibrations that help create music.
  • Music Around the World
    Children will explore and learn about the different kinds of music around the world. Children will sing, play in a creative way.
  • Fun Jam Time
    Music is all about sharing. With what we played and learned our children will perform in front of our friends and families.

Piano & Music Recital

  • For Performance 2 times every year

Ballet Class

Benefits of Ballet

  • Posture : Ballet corrects posture.
  • Health : Variety of body movements benefit a child more than any other sports.
  • Music/Rhythm : Listening and following music enables a child to develop musical rhythm and feeling.
  • Confidence/Expression : Child develop healthy body and mind. Also child learns to express feelings through a body language.

Curriculum & Schedule

  • Warming up with about 2 songs
  • Stretching to correct posture, develop abdominal muscle, flexible back, on the floor
  • Learning different movements, basic motions of ballet
* Every Thursday for 45minutes / week
* Bring Leotard, Shoes

Tae Kwon Do Class

We are presenting Tae Kwon Do to those children who wants to self-defense, concentration, confidence, and self discipline.
A Tae Kwon Do master will be coming to Happy Day Education Center every Tuesday to give lesson.
  • Tuesday/every week for 30minutes
  • Free Uniform
  • Over 3years (1group: Less 10 children)